Tattoo Me, Tattoo You.

Hi, And welcome to my site. This website covers all of my work both past and present, this includes my music, video, art and animations, events and various other productions. Much of the latter include material which been produced from live events and various studios.

I have tried to make the site easy to navigate and it is laid out as follows: Basically, all links to my current projects both live and studio work are at the top of the home page. all other links including past band websites and all social media links are situated at the foot of the home page if you scroll down. All other links such as message board are clearly marked on icons and buttons embedded on the actual home page graphics.

Much of my work is freely available on most of the links provided on this site. I have no problem with anybody sharing or downloading my work providing it is presented with my original credits, logos, trademarks and back links.

The axe logo at the top of this page serves as my own personal mark and is included on all my personal property including, intellectual, material and digital and it’s original artwork can even be seen in the form of a tattoo on my left arm. This mark may also be freely used but it must be understood that anything or anybody bearing this mark effectively belongs to me.

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